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Product description
ORDER P/N Ref.P/N Description Pkg Qty
RTL508 120GJT0508 Nozzle 0.8mm 10
RTL510 120GJT0510 Nozzle 1.0mm 10
RTL512 120GJT0512 Nozzle 1.2mm 10
RTL515 120GJT0515 Nozzle 1.5mm 10
RTL520 120GJT0520 Nozzle 2.0mm 10
RTL525 120GJT0525 Nozzle 2.5mm 10
RTL530 120GJT0530 Nozzle 3.0mm 10
RTL535 120GJT0535 Nozzle 3.5mm 10
RTL540 120GJT0540 Nozzle 4.0mm 10
RTL608 120GJT0608 Double Nozzle 0.8mm 10
RTL610 120GJT0610 Double Nozzle 1.0mm 10
RTL612 120GJT0612 Double Nozzle 1.2mm 10
RTL615 120GJT0615 Double Nozzle 1.5mm 10
RTL620 120GJT0620 Double Nozzle 2.0mm 10
RTL625 120GJT0625 Double Nozzle 2.5mm 10
RTL630 120GJT0630 Double Nozzle 3.0mm 10
RTL635 120GJT0635 Double Nozzle 3.5mm 10
RTL640 120GJT0640 Double Nozzle 4.0mm 10
RTL4100B 120274100B Nozzle holder 1
RTL0035 211LCG0035 Protection Window 27.9mm*4.1mm 1

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