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Product description
ORDER P/N Ref.P/N Description PkgQty
TRF1324858 1324858 Nozzle EAA 0.8mm 10
TRF1324860 1324860 Nozzle EAA 1.0mm 10
TRF1324861 1324861 Nozzle EAA 1.2mm 10
TRF1324863 1324863 Nozzle EAA 1.4mm 10
TRF1324864 1324864 Nozzle EAA 1.7mm 10
TRF1324865 1324865 Nozzle EAA 2.0mm 10
TRF1324866 1324866 Nozzle EAA 2.3mm 10
TRF1324867 1324867 Nozzle EAA 2.7mm 10
TRF1354230 1354230 Nozzle EBD 0.8mm 10
TRF1373324 1373324 Nozzle EAB 0.8mm 10
TRF1373325 1373325 Nozzle EAB 1.0mm 10
TRF1373326 1373326 Nozzle EAB 1.2mm 10
TRF1373327 1373327 Nozzle EAB 1.4mm 10
TRF1373328 1373328 Nozzle EAB 1.7mm 10
TRF1373329 1373329 Nozzle EAB 2.0mm 10
TRF1373330 1373330 Nozzle EAB 2.3mm 10
TRF1373331 1373331 Nozzle EAB 2.7mm 10
TRF0260432 0260432 Nozzle holder 1
TRF1755673 1755673 Nozzle holder 1

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