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Product description


Item Part No.: Ref.No.: Desc. Amperage
1 01010601A 220569 Shield 30A
2 01010501A 220483 Retaining cap 30A
3 01010401A 220480 Nozzle 30A
4 01010101A 220479 Swirl ring 30A
5 01010201A 220478 Electrode 30A

HYPERTHERM?、Powermax30?、Powermax45? are the registered trademarks of Hypertherm .Inc.WEM is no way affiliated with the above-named manufacturer and its trademarks. References to the above name machines,torches,consumables,and reference numbers are for convenience only.Most WEM parts are made for or by WEM.Parts indicated with an asterisk(*) are original parts manufactureed by Hypertherm and being resold by WEM.WEM reserves the right to substitute genuine Hypertherm parts in place of WEM parts.

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